Program Elements – Esso Medals
Medal Kit

Each EssoTM Medals kit includes:

3 Newly Redesigned Medals

70 Reward Stickers

18 Autographed Certificates of Achievement

20 Fuel Discount Cards for Parents and Volunteers*

The Medals

Medal 1

Most Dedicated

They spend their weekends on the driveway practicing slapshots. They come to practice early and stay late. And most importantly, their team always comes first.

Medal 2

Most Improved

They've pushed beyond their limits. They're coachable and have sharpened their skills or boosted their attitude. They've made leaps and bounds from their first day of practice to the last game of the season.

Medal 3

Most Team Spirit

This player has an all-around great attitude, both on and off the ice. They don't let a bad play lead to a bad game. They cheer on their teammates through thick and thin, and the team wouldn't be the same without them.

Reward Stickers

Reward Stickers

Reward Stickers are a great way to celebrate the efforts players show on and off the ice after every game. For younger players, stickers could be awarded for trying a new position or demonstrating a new skill. Older players could earn stickers for a great play or showing hard hustle.

Certificates of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement recognize every single player on the team for their hard work throughout the season. They acknowledge the time and effort it takes to be part of a team and serve as a reminder of a season filled with accomplishments. The certificates are also autographed by the captains of Canada's 2023 National Women's Team and National Junior Team.

Certificates of Achievement

A Big Thanks to Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers

A Big Thanks to Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers

Esso appreciates those who keep minor hockey moving in Canada. As a thank you, we've included 20 Fuel Discount Cards in each kit to be handed out at the start of the season.*

For every litre purchased with these cards, an additional 1c per litre will be donated to Hockey Canada Foundation's Hockey is Hers commitment.

Learn more about Hockey Is Hers >

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to place an order?
The program is free and available to minor hockey teams across Canada while quantities last.

2. When will I receive my order? How long does shipment take?
No Rush Orders. Orders will begin being shipped in October 2023 as received and will take approximately 1 to 4 weeks, depending on your location and when your place your order.

3. Previously I had to go through an Esso™ retailer to order and receive the medals. Do I need to do that again?
No, your registration must be submitted via the online registration process and your medals will be shipped directly to the address you provide in your registration. However, we encourage you to invite your local retailer to your medals ceremony to present the medals to your team.

4. How are the kits shipped?
They are packaged as individual team kits and delivered via Courier to the address provided during registration.

5. Can I receive more than one set of medals for my team?
No. Each team may receive one set of medals and eighteen certificates.

6. Can I submit a request for my entire association on one form?
Yes, this will expedite your order. Please specify the # of teams during the 'registration process'. Please be advised that the programs runs on a "while quantities last"  basis.

7. Can I request three of the same medal?
No. The medals come in sets of three for Most Dedicated, Most Improved and Most Sportsmanlike.

8. What does a standard kit consist of?
One set of 3 Medals, 70 reward stickers, one set of 18 autographed Certificates and 20 Fuel Discount Cards per team.

9. Can Esso™ Medals be used for awards at tournaments?
No. The Medals of Achievement are designed to recognize the achievement of players on your team during the season.

10. My order hasn't arrived. Can you track it or tell me if my request has been received?
Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. If it has been more than 4 weeks since you placed your order, please email our national coordinator at and include the first and last name of the person who submitted the order, along with the name of the associate team, and email used to place the order. Please note that orders are no longer accepted after March 31st, 2024.

11. How do I use the Fuel Discount Cards?
The Fuel Discount Cards can be redeemed at any Esso™ or Mobil™ gas station. They are to be redeemed when paying for fuel. The value of this card is 5 cents per litre and for every litre redeemed an additional 1 cent will be donated to the Hockey Canada Foundation – with up to a maximum of 100 litres of fuel or until expiry on September 30, 2024, whichever occurs first. Make sure to hand out the Fuel Discount Cards as soon as you receive them to maximize their use. There are lots of opportunities to fuel the future of hockey all season long.

Still have questions? Please email