How to Roll Out Your Program – Esso Medals

How to Roll
Out Your Program

You can customize your Esso Medals program to fit your team.

Here are some ideas to get the most out of the program all season long.

Hot to Roll Out Your Program

Start of Season

  • Order your kit from
  • Open your kit right away to see what's inside
  • Show your team the Esso Medals to inspire players to try their best right from the start of the season
  • Explain what it takes for players to earn a reward sticker (it's up to you!)

During Season

  • Hand out Fuel Discount Cards to parents and volunteers to thank them for their time
  • Acknowledge players for their achievements after games with reward stickers

End of Season

  • Award the three Esso Medals
  • Present Certificates of Achievement to all players
Four Step Season

Share the Passion

We encourage players, parents and organizations to share photos of Esso Medals, Certificates of Achievement, and Reward Stickers on social media with #essomedals.